Caring for All Creation


Caring for All Creation

At La Posada Providencia, we commit ourselves to care for the earth and all creation, for we believe that all is a gift from a loving and Provident God. Of course, our commitment to all creation includes our furry friends that are our pets.  They add so much to our living environment to complete our

La Posada Welcomes Virginia Marr, Ginya for Short!

In Massachusetts, Virginia Marr recently graduated from Williams College with a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature and Studio Art. Ginya came to us with many refugee relief experiences, having served in numerous international non-governmental organizations like Lighthouse Relief, Movement on the Ground, and Collective Aid. As a high school student, Ginya studied abroad and

Young Guest Arrives Willing to Give A Hand

Ale of Honduras arrived at La Posada over the weekend. After her mother’s passing this past October, she began her migration journey to the United States. Ale stayed ten days in an immigrant shelter for minors and was released after her 18th birthday. She has been staying at La Posada for a few days now and

La Posada Guest Gives Back with Workshop for Staff

This past week, La Posada Providencia staff participated in a Motivational and Social Media workshop. The presenter, Esteban Garza, was knowledgeable and radiated fervent energy throughout his presentation. Esteban talked about the difference between a group and a team. He described the characteristics of a high-performance team and encouraged developing the qualities that make up

Volunteer from Hershey Ripples Sweet Relief to Valley Shelters

In June, La Posada Providencia welcomed volunteer Lisa Neuhauser from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Lisa attended Arizona State University and received a master’s degree in Social Justice and Human Rights. Lisa applies her knowledge and demonstrates her compassion for the migrant community by volunteering with Catholic Charities of Rio Grande Valley Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, Texas.

The First United Methodist Army Comes to Serve

The summer has brought us abundant blessings, with many volunteers ready to respond to La Posada’s many needs. Pastor Todd Jones, from First United Methodist Church (FUMC), in Harlingen, TX, formed the UM Army, a volunteer group. The group visiting La Posada consisted of 27 youth ranging in ages from 12-16 years old. The volunteers

Meet Sister Dympna

In September 2020, after the retirement of Sisters Zita and Margaret, La Posada welcomed Sister Dympna Clarke. Sister Dympna is a member of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate (SHSp), and is a long-term volunteer at La Posada. Sister Dympna and La Posada client mentor, Sister Thérèse Cunningham, are longtime friends, having

Volunteers Help Create Peaceful Spaces at La Posada

A few weeks ago, on Tuesdays in Texas, we wrote about a beloved bench swing with hopes to replicate it. We asked, and a group of volunteers appeared! In mid-June, The Evangelical Covenant Church-Life Student Ministry arrived at La Posada with humble hearts ready to serve. The group of 20 included volunteers from both Kansas

­Helping Develop “Reel” Experts

Over the weekend, two 18-year-old, long-term guests of La Posada enjoyed a day at South Padre Island- SPI, a vacation area not far from La Posada. La Posada volunteer, Jose Arizmendi, and his two sons planned for a fishing trip at The Jetties, in SPI. The day started early, with Jose picking the clients up

Having Faith

Recently, we welcomed Faith Pienta, a 2021 homeschooled, high school graduate. Faith is volunteering at La Posada for twelve weeks and hopes to donate her time to various non-profit organizations for one year. La Posada is her first destination, and her arrival represented perfect synchrony of events as La Posada was arranging coverage for the