Making A Difference


Making A Difference

    La Posada prides itself on the motto, “Welcoming the stranger, making a difference” and this has been exemplified by the various student volunteers from the Social Work program at Texas Southmost College (TSC). With the collaboration of Professor Martha Warburton, La Posada has had student volunteers make a tremendous impact on the staff

Humanitarian Aid

Soap, toothbrushes, and razors; we utilize them daily to ensure we are maintaining our hygiene—a necessity we often take for granted. For many of the clients at La Posada who are forced to flee their homes, making it through the arduous journey into the United States leaves minimal room for hygiene. It is easy for

April is National Volunteer Month!

April is National Volunteer Month, a time to honor those who volunteer their time and talents to make the world a better place. La Posada Providencia Shelter relies on volunteers to complete our daily tasks. It would be very difficult for most NGOs if volunteers did not donate their time and passion to the topics they

“And God Saw That It was Good”

  There was a certain air of expectancy in the air because at some level life-changing speaker was going to move us beyond the three R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle…and did she ever!  From the first slide where she connected our Choices directly to our Children, she had our attention, to the last slide where she pointed

Life Long Learners

It can be difficult when so much of one’s work-life relates to urgent, life-changing situations to remember to take the “long view” and move out of “High Alert” mode.  La Posada Providencia provides these opportunities for the staff as a way to continue their personal and professional development, a way of Caring for the Caretakers. 

Spring Break at La Posada

It’s Springtime and who doesn’t start thinking about the sun, sand, and beach balls – La Posada Volunteers, that’s who!  They come from Boston and Austin, Minneapolis and Indianapolis, and all points in between.  They come to plant trees, paint walls, move furniture, clean out storage space, and any number of other “fun and exciting”

A Special Note From A Volunteer

La Posada Providencia is a diamond in the rough; the modest buildings don’t say much, but the people inside them do. Men, women, and children from Central America, Africa, and more saturate the small dormitories and leafy pavilion with their diverse complexions, beautiful languages, and hearty laughter. Coming from an ethnically homogenous region, the optics

I Have Called You By Name Isaiah 43:1

We have all heard of situations when an immigrant to the United States has had his or her name changed or “anglicized”, thus Juan becomes John or Pedro is called Peter. Even with the best of intentions, this can cause confusion and misunderstanding.  Our new Case Manager, Mrs. Olga Fernandez, tells a story that happened

UNHCR Visits La Posada Providencia

On a sunny Wednesday morning, a team from UNHCR arrives, stepping onto the dusty road to begin their tour of La Posada Providencia. It is their first stop on a day of visiting shelters in the area. Around the flagpole, at the center of the community, they join guests, volunteers, and staff echoing Sister Terez’s


Last Tuesday we teased that there would be a Part II in the Abigail Hernandez Tables Are Turned story. Well, here it is and it is even more extraordinary than we expected. Remember that Abigail is the student Social Worker volunteering at La Posada with her mother who is in the same class, set to graduate