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“Can you help me?”

Imagine the fear of a 10-year old child finding himself on a rural highway, abandoned and lost, crying and pleading for help from a Border Patrol agent. That was the plight of young Wilto of Nicaragua. Or, try to imagine the desperation of Kumar of Sri Lanka, who was gainfully employed in his home country and had to flee due to political unrest, and extreme violence that entailed shootings and kidnapping. He feared for his life.

Dear Friend,

Wilto’s story gained international attention. After nearly two months of separation, he and his mother, Meylin, reunited at La Posada.

As we see with many of our guests, the migration journey can be emotionally shattering as with Wilto and treacherous for others like Kumar. For example, Kumar walked through the hot, rainy jungle in Panama, endured the theft of his money and personal belongings, and went for periods with no food or water and the fear of international gangs. He saw many similar sojourners suffering from dehydration and one who suffered a heart attack. Imagine passing several dead bodies along the way. I don’t think many of us can comprehend such an ordeal.

Fortunately, Kumar arrived at La Posada, where his life began to change for the better. He obtained his work permit and a food handler’s certificate. He learned how to use kitchen equipment with which he had no previous experience, and he learned much about gardening and outdoor work. Enthused by La Posada’s life-skills focus on environmental sustainability, Kumar directed and edited a compost education video for us to use with future guests. He recently left us for his final resettlement location, where he secured employment.

Do you ever wonder if your gift makes an impact on those we assist? Stories such

as Meylin’s, her son Wilto, and Kumar’s demonstrate what an impact your support can make.

Kumar expressed that La Posada was his first home and family in the United States – he was so pleased to have learned so much and was truly grateful. He expressed that gratitude daily at La Posada by his willingness to give back in any way he could. Producing his compost education video is a good example.

Meylin had this to say upon her and her son’s departure from La Posada “I feel very grateful because I was treated so well. Thank you so much. You all are very kind for treating us with love and care. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate everything, and I will never forget all that was done for me.”

Support from donors and friends like you helped us to make the lives of Meylin, Wilto, Kumar, and so many more men, women, and children better. Together, we gave them hope for a better future.

Each arriving guest needing our support has a different and compelling story – one more heart-wrenching than the next. They arrive destitute as Kumar did. Due to continuously changing immigration policies, we never know how many individuals or in what combination will come daily. We recorded assisting 899 individuals this past fiscal year that ended June 30, 2021! We could never have imagined that large number while at the same time managing a pandemic, a damaging winter storm, and later a migrant influx. With your support, the support of other partners, and help from above, we did it! Now we look to the future and to you to meet the coming year’s challenges. 

A gift in any amount will help make one or more of the above happen for the courageous individuals we support at our shelter.

Thank you for deciding to help us continue to welcome the stranger.

Magda Bolland
Executive Director

P.S. Your support will help bring families together and give new beginnings for men, women, and children who have endured unimaginable suffering just for the opportunity for a better life. More than 30 years of La Posada welcoming the stranger has shown this is so.

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Kumar and Sister Thérèse.

La Posada Client Mentor Sister Thérèse Cunningham, Wilto and his mom Meylin.