Outcomes & Outputs

Our Impact

Clients residing for eight days or longer were enrolled in English language assistance and life-skills classes. Those proficient in English upon arrival achieve the following:


The client experience this past year mimics that of the previous year’s for similar reasons. The number of arriving clients proficient in English decreased significantly. During FY 2018-2019, 61% of our clients were short-stay (less than seven bed nights); staying an average of three bed nights. Because of the predominance of short-stays and the lack of English proficiency of the majority of our clients in 2019, we continued to focus our attention on the area where we can achieve the greatest impact – teaching Basic English. The majority of our clients learned the basics, starting with the alphabet, greetings, numbers and counting money. 


We provided shelter and care for 713 clients. 

Of these…

•  411 were males and 302 were females.

  74% of these were adults; 26% were children

  19% arrived as families

  7% or 49 were pregnant women


Shelter Support Services

8,696 emergency shelter nights

24,466 meals served

24,916 miles driven for client access to needed services

5,667 ESL/Life-skills hours taught

208 Health appointments attended

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