Last Tuesday we teased that there would be a Part II in the Abigail Hernandez Tables Are Turned story. Well, here it is and it is even more extraordinary than we expected. Remember that Abigail is the student Social Worker volunteering at La Posada with her mother who is in the same class, set to graduate in May.  Mr. Hernandez was an immigrant from Cuba,  met his wife in the Mid-west, and desired to raise his children in a more familiar culture. When the family arrived in the Valley they settled “two blocks” from La Posada and got all their babysitters from …La Posada!  One of the babysitters moved in with the family and went on to become an Olympian athlete! Abigail has pictures of her babysitters posing in front of the trees and flowers at La Posada, taken more than ten years ago. Because of all the growth and improvements over the years, Abigail couldn’t quite identify why the place seemed familiar to her when she came for the interview, but after talking to the Volunteer Coordinator, Laura Sutherland, it all became clear. Her history was so interesting to us, and her future even more. Abigail plans to continue her education all the way to a Doctorate degree, working along the way to improve the lives of those who have been sexually abused, and/or working with immigrants as a result of what she has learned at La Posada. We wish her well and know she will make a difference in the lives of those she encounters along the way.

Author: Sister Jean

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