Annual Reports

From Our Latest Annual Report

2018-2019 Financials

Grants and Contributions $684,355.00
In-Kind $116,599.00
Special Events $73,821.00
Miscellaneous $6,416.00
Visitor Offering $4,770.00
Interest $ 2,791.00
Total Revenue $888,752.00

Program $565,425.00
Management $52,370.00
Fundraising $69,588.00
Total Expenditures $687,383.00

Change in Net Assets $201,369.00
Net Assets, Beginning of Year $684,515.00
Net Assets, End of Year $885,884.00

Our Impact

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Client Story

Otto arrives from Russia, one of the 31 countries of client origin in 2018-2019. Our clients come from all over the world.

In Russia, children of mixed cultures or race and whose mother or father is from a country other than Russia, are called “churkas.” It is an offensive term. Individuals identified as churkas frequently are subjected to discrimination and are coerced into participating in dangerous and illegal activities by corrupt government officials. Such was the case with Otto. He would not engage in illegal activities and was beaten, imprisoned and subjected to solitary confinement. Otto’s final threat was death by drowning.

Remarkably, he escaped from prison and fled the country leaving his aged mother in the care of his sister.  His search for a journey  to freedom led him to Mexico and then to the United States. After months in detention, Otto was released. He arrived at La Posada on March 5, 2019. For the next several months, he reported daily to Client Mentor Sister Thérèse Cunningham’s ESL classes and was one of her most diligent students. During his free time and on weekends, Otto enjoyed helping Site Coordinator Sister Margaret Mertens garden.

In August 2019, Otto received his work permit and left La Posada, speaking English, and moved to California where his final court appearance will be held. Otto is sharing an apartment with a friend and is  gainfully employed in construction. Hardly a month passes without a call from him reporting to us—his first family and home in the USA.