Time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving. ~ Henry Ford

At La Posada Providencia, we do more than provide safe shelter; we help ensure our clients’ success. During their stay with us, we help them prepare for life in this country.

We offer:

  • Language instruction. We provide English as a Second Language (ESL) lessons in group and one-on-one sessions. We also use apps on tablets or smartphones, CD’s, videos, and other learning tools. Educational programs on tablets work especially well with younger children. The clients progress at their own pace so that they are able to learn and adapt to using conversational English.
  • Life skills curriculum. This is a wide-ranging education, including, but not limited to citizenship, computer literacy, financial basics, health and nutrition, and employment readiness.
  • Resettlement assistance. We provide assistance with local transportation to off-site agencies, such as legal aid and social services. We also provide translations, filling out paperwork and assistance for travel to a resettlement location.
  • Sustainable living skills. Clients at La Posada can work in our productive, organic garden and learn about recycling, and composting. Through the activities of daily living at the shelter, they also learn about energy conservation methods.
  • Emotional support. Many of our clients have experienced severe hardships. Our staff offers compassionate listening, guidance, and mentoring.

School Enrollment. When we have long-term stay families with school-aged children, La Posada assists the families in enrolling the children in school, scheduling medical appointments for required immunizations and medical exams, and purchasing clothes, shoes, backpacks, and other school supplies needed by the children.