Christmas at La Posada

La Posada Celebrates

Christmas Among the Nations 2023

Dear friends,

As we settle into our new home at La Posada Providencia, a place of relief, respite, and peace, it is difficult not to be mindful of places around the world where people lack tranquility. Each year in December, La Posada Providencia celebrates Christmas Among the Nations when we come and honor our brothers and sisters, arriving from many countries to find refuge here.  While we offer a place of rest, hospitality, and renewed hope for a more secure life, many of our guests leave behind family and loved ones who live in places torn apart by war, and plagued with physical, emotional, and personal violence, and fear. The places and families they leave behind are not far from their hearts and minds. So, it seems fitting that as we close out 2023, we place in our hearts and minds the desire for peace in the world. A desire that will abide with us in the everyday corners of our lives, encouraging us to be instruments of peace.

God’s providence has helped us provide this home; a refuge, a place of rest for many who face this new reality. We will continue to be a place where peace abides, supports, and sustains the weary on their journey.

Now, you have previously helped La Posada Providencia make God’s Providence visible to our guests and have done so by the sharing of your resources. Taking part in God’s Providence, your generosity has sustained this ministry for people in crisis from around the world, for many years. Your support has enabled La Posada staff and volunteers to provide this safe and welcoming home, and mentors to promote self-sufficiency and cultural integration. Therefore, we invite you to celebrate with us again this year: Christmas Among the Nations and give the gift of peace for days to come, through your financial resources.


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