I Have Called You By Name Isaiah 43:1

I Have Called You By Name Isaiah 43:1

We have all heard of situations when an immigrant to the United States has had his or her name changed or “anglicized”, thus Juan becomes John or Pedro is called Peter. Even with the best of intentions, this can cause confusion and misunderstanding. 

Our new Case Manager, Mrs. Olga Fernandez, tells a story that happened to her that caused both confusion and hilarity. When she was introduced to the receptionist at her new job, the receptionist heard her name as Hola so the next morning Olga was greeted with “Good Morning, Hello”. It sounded strange but she understood what was happening when the same employee was overheard saying, “Ask Hello to help you with that”!

At La Posada Providencia we value and respect each individual client as well as each staff member, so when you see our new Case Manager, say Hola to Olga. You will receive a beautiful smile and a sincere offer to assist in any way she is able.

Sister Jean

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