Paving the Way for Success

Paving the Way for Success

At La Posada Providencia we do more than provide safe shelter; we help prepare our guests for successful resettlement. We believe education is an important component to pave the way for success and self-sufficiency. Though we offer ESL and Life skill classes on-site, obtaining an education through the public school system is important for our young guests, especially if they -or their family- will require prolonged support.

La Posada Case Management Department aids with school enrollment, meeting registration requirements, and obtaining the necessary supplies. Some guests stay at La Posada with their parents, while others are solo youth. The Case Managers support both children and solo youth by facilitating school activities and monitoring school performance.

Currently, La Posada supports a total of five guests attending elementary, middle, and high school. Our student guests face many challenges because some have never attended school before coming to the United States, and others encounter difficulty with the language, culture, and school setting. The COVID-19 global pandemic has added to the challenging dynamics, but our guests remained resilient and have adapted to online learning.

It is not an easy transition however many La Posada youth students are motivated by their long-term goals. They have expressed aspirations to work in the medical field, oil industry, and serve in the National Guard.

La Posada is proud of the quality holistic service model we have developed to pave the way for our guests and we remain grateful for the continued support we receive that enables us to do so. 

Program Highlights

Clients assisted from July 1, 2021 – January 31, 2022 (Fiscal Year):

Clients assisted from January 23, 2022- January 31, 2022

The following fifteen (15) Countries of Origin represented in January

Dominican Republic
El Salvador