Volunteers Continue to Make an Impact at La Posada

Volunteers Continue to Make an Impact at La Posada

Left Tomas Prendergast, Sister Thérèse Cunningham, SHSp, Mairead Reidy, and Elijah Luikham

This past week two wonderful volunteers, Mairéad Reidy and her 16-year-old son, Tomás Prendergast, arrived at La Posada from Chicago, Illinois. During the three days of their stay, they supported La Posada tremendously. Their service extended out to many areas of the shelter including case management, transportation, gardening, and maintenance.
In addition to giving their valuable time to our organization, Tomas organized a fundraiser to purchase headphones for our guests. Many La Posada guests arrive with little or no personal belongings due to varying circumstances during their immigration journey. Headphones are a thoughtful gift that serves both practical and recreational use.
In a recent interview, Tomás and Mairéad said “it was a privilege to meet young asylum seekers on their hopeful journeys” and thanked all at La Posada for creating and sustaining a welcome, safe and grace-filled space.
La Posada remains grateful for the outpouring of kindness we continue to receive from supporters like Mairead and Tomas. Our ministry work continues to impact the vulnerable community we serve because of you!

If you are interested in volunteering at La Posada please contact Volunteer Coordinator Laura Sutherland at 956-264-3300

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Clients assisted from January 9, 2022- January 15, 2022

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