I Have Called You By Name Isaiah 43:1

Eunice Colon

I Have Called You By Name Isaiah 43:1

We have all heard of situations when an immigrant to the United States has had his or her name changed or “anglicized”, thus Juan becomes John or Pedro is called Peter. Even with the best of intentions, this can cause confusion and misunderstanding.  Our new Case Manager, Mrs. Olga Fernandez, tells a story that happened

UNHCR Visits La Posada Providencia

On a sunny Wednesday morning, a team from UNHCR arrives, stepping onto the dusty road to begin their tour of La Posada Providencia. It is their first stop on a day of visiting shelters in the area. Around the flagpole, at the center of the community, they join guests, volunteers, and staff echoing Sister Terez’s


Last Tuesday we teased that there would be a Part II in the Abigail Hernandez Tables Are Turned story. Well, here it is and it is even more extraordinary than we expected. Remember that Abigail is the student Social Worker volunteering at La Posada with her mother who is in the same class, set to graduate

Tables are Turned

  Usually, on this site, you will find La Posada Providencia introducing a volunteer who has helped us in a variety of ways. Today you will find the “tables are turned” and our volunteer is telling the story and reminding us again to be grateful to those who have gone before us because we are

Paving the Way for Success

At La Posada Providencia we do more than provide safe shelter; we help prepare our guests for successful resettlement. We believe education is an important component to pave the way for success and self-sufficiency. Though we offer ESL and Life skill classes on-site, obtaining an education through the public school system is important for our

La Posada is Ready to Compost Again

At La Posada, we strive to lead by example and encourage our guests to learn environmentally friendly practices. Client Mentor Sister Thérèse Cunningham teaches care for the Earth by recycling organic waste like food scraps and garden clippings. As part of La Posada’s Life Skills, guests learn about composting and the mutual benefits for humankind

Volunteers Continue to Make an Impact at La Posada

This past week two wonderful volunteers, Mairéad Reidy and her 16-year-old son, Tomás Prendergast, arrived at La Posada from Chicago, Illinois. During the three days of their stay, they supported La Posada tremendously. Their service extended out to many areas of the shelter including case management, transportation, gardening, and maintenance.   In addition to giving

2022 Hands & Hearts Brunch Postponed

  Many of us were looking forward to coming together for our annual Hands & Hearts Brunch. Unfortunately, considering growing concerns around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its variants La Posada has made the decision to postpone the 2022 event to protect the health and wellbeing of our community. As you can imagine, planning for this event

Sister Nora Departs La Posada

Sister Nora Ruiz arrived at La Posada in mid-September to begin her three-month apostolic mission experience. She was excited to live out her Congregation’s charism, mission, and the vows of religious life. During her last days at the shelter, Sister Nora wrote about her experience at La Posada.   The immigrants here have taught me

Las Posadas- The Tradition Continues

La Posada Providencia once again was a beehive of activity in preparation for our annual celebration of the beautiful Mexican tradition, Las Posadas. The reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem in search for a place for Jesus to be born is a tradition since  La Posada Providencia’s first Christmas in 1989. Our celebration began with the