KRGV News: Cubans Recall Harrowing Days at Sea

KRGV News: Cubans Recall Harrowing Days at Sea

KRGV Cuban ImmigrantsSAN BENITO – Six Cubans who washed ashore on South Padre Island are working to understand American life.

The men survived 20 days at sea. The men on Monday recalled the dangers they faced during their passage through the Gulf of Mexico.

“Above all else, we’re just grateful that we’re alive. It’s a miracle that we’re alive,” one of the men said.

The group left Cuba on Aug. 13. Their plan was to cross the Caribbean and arrive in the Yucatan Peninsula.

“The idea was to get to Mexico, cross through it and try to get through the United States border,” one of the men said.

They packed a small boat with crackers, sugar, condensed milk and water. Three days into the journey, they ran out of gas for their motor. They built a sail out of a shower curtain and tossed the motor overboard.

“The days got longer. The amount of food and water wasn’t for the amount of days at sea. Everything changed from that point on,” one of the men said.

The men range in age from 28 to 65. They are now at a shelter in San Benito… Click here to continue reading on KRGV’s website.