Sisters leave behind legacy at La Posada Providencia

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Sisters leave behind legacy at La Posada Providencia

SAN BENITO, Texas- La Posada Providencia is saying goodbye to two Sisters who have dedicated a combined 37 years to the serving the immigrants and refugees that have come through its doors.   Siste… Source: Sisters leave behind legacy at La Posada Providencia

Important Announcment From La Posada Providencia

San Benito, Texas, December 18, 2018 – It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that the Board of Directors of La Posada Providencia announces Andi Atkinson’s departure as executive director of La Posada Providencia effective November 23, 2018. Although Andi was with La Posada Providencia for a short period, she played a critical

Honduran asylum seeker recalls journey to United States

After years of filing for U.S. Citizenship, one young refugee is finally getting his wish. Angel Torres, a 38 year-old Honduran immigrant, is even closer to the possibility of becoming a U.S. citizen. Torres fled his country because of the many problems that occurred on a daily. Back in Honduras he was a cook and public

REUNITED: Separated nearly a month, Honduran woman, son together again

By DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press Dunia, a young Honduran mom of twenty four, came to the United States in hopes of a better future for her family and to flee from the ongoing drug violencethats rampant in her native hometown. She shared that her father, Genaro, and 17-year-old nephew had been tragically killed by

VMS: Journey just beginning: Cuban woman starts new life at La Posada

Staff Report SAN BENITO — Last September, Yirandis Yaneisy Rodriguez Hernandez joined La Posada Providencia’s family as a weekend supervisor and cook. In March, she accepted a promotion to serve as La Posada’s food specialist, taking responsibility for all meal planning and preparation for the week. Her journey with the shelter started way before that.

VMS: Helping Hands Across America: La Posada Providencia

By KAYLEIGH SOMMER Staff Writer SAN BENITO — It’s with caring hearts that volunteer groups from all over the United States continue to lend a helping hand to La Posada Providencia and the hundreds of immigrants who arrive here every year. La Posada had the privilege of welcoming and working with two very enthusiastic volunteer

VMS: Breaking ground: Donations will help build pavilion at La Posada

By KAYLEIGH SOMMER Staff Writer SAN BENITO — Sister Zita Telkamp is very proud of the children who are taught at La Posada Providencia. As the shelter’s program director, it’s her job they are cared for. After breaking ground on an estimated $8,500 outdoor screened pavilion yesterday afternoon, provided by several local organizations, Telkamp was

Commonweal Magazine: Seeking Refuge | Life and Death at the Border

By ANANDA ROSE I have only just arrived at La Posada Providencia, an emergency shelter for homeless migrants and asylum seekers in San Benito, Texas, when Sr. Zita Telkamp receives a call from a Homeland Security center in the neighboring town of Harlingen. “They’ve got another mother and child for us,” says Sr. Zita. A