La Posada’s Programs Coordinator Celebrates U.S. Citizenship


La Posada’s Programs Coordinator Celebrates U.S. Citizenship

Five years ago, Joseph Rodriguez, current Programs Coordinator for La Posada Providencia, arrived in the U.S. after fleeing his native country of Cuba. In a church in Brownsville, Rodriguez asked for help. A woman by the name of Sister Zita Telkamp, CDP, picked him up and took him to La Posada. As some say, “The

Cuban Client Shares Gift of Art

Hundreds of clients come through La Posada’s doors each year. Many of them possess distinct gifts of talents and skills. In the past 25 years, we have assisted dancers, singers, former Olympian trainers, carpenters and electricians, engineers, drivers, professional artists, acrobats, chefs, and many more. Recently, we welcomed another artist. His name is Ruben. He

20-Day Journey at Sea: Cuban Immigrants Safe at La Posada

They planned their escape from Cuba for seven days prior to their departure. They packed a few rations to eat on a small boat for the journey: water bottles, crackers, sugar, condensed milk (that they could dilute in water), and bread. Enough food, they thought, to sustain them for six to eight days. They also

KRGV News: Cubans Recall Harrowing Days at Sea

SAN BENITO – Six Cubans who washed ashore on South Padre Island are working to understand American life. The men survived 20 days at sea. The men on Monday recalled the dangers they faced during their passage through the Gulf of Mexico. “Above all else, we’re just grateful that we’re alive. It’s a miracle that