Life Long Learners

Life Long Learners

It can be difficult when so much of one’s work-life relates to urgent, life-changing situations to remember to take the “long view” and move out of “High Alert” mode.  La Posada Providencia provides these opportunities for the staff as a way to continue their personal and professional development, a way of Caring for the Caretakers.  In just this month alone the staff has gathered to review the Mission Statement as the first step in possible revisions and re-dedication to the Values embraced in the statement.  This was followed by four Epidemiologists from Cameron County bringing us the latest scientific information on Covid and what to expect in the predictable future.  While the information was appreciated (as well as the “Goody Bag” of supplies) we believe this strengthening of relationships is even more valuable going forward as we seek to broaden and deepen professional networks to benefit both staff and guests.  This week we will have a presentation on “Sustainable Environments” as we continue to see how our actions and purchases affect our planet.  We are proud of our efforts so far and are hoping this presentation will help us build on the foundation which made us a stand-out leader in areas like recycling, composting, water reclamation, and general awareness that Mother Nature needs our help.  Since many of our guests leave their homelands because of the effects of Climate Change, this actually may not move us out of our “High Alert” mode…we’ll share more after this presentation…stay tuned…

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Clients assisted from July 1, 2021 – March 19, 2022 (Fiscal Year):

Clients assisted from March 13, 2022- March 19, 2022

The following Twelve (13) Countries of Origin represented in March

Dominican Republic
El Salvador