Honduran asylum seeker recalls journey to United States

Honduran asylum seeker recalls journey to United States

After years of filing for U.S. Citizenship, one young refugee is finally getting his wish. Angel Torres, a 38 year-old Honduran immigrant, is even closer to the possibility of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Torres fled his country because of the many problems that occurred on a daily. Back in Honduras he was a cook and public accountant.

While studying, he volunteered with organizations that advocated for vulnerable groups, like sex workers and the LGBT community. He would report cases of alleged sexual assaults on those people that would be detained by police.

“I was attacked for those reasons, because police knew that I was reporting them for what they were doing,” Torres said.

The police would retaliate.

“The situation with gangs, the situation with the government, the situation with the police and the situation with getting an education,” Torres said.

Those are just some of the many problems Torres says affected him and his family.

La Posada Providencia took Torres in and gave him refuge, a job, and much more. To read more on Torres’ story click here.