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La Posada Providencia, is an emergency shelter for men, women and families who flee to the United States due to political oppression, natural disaster, and other life-threatening actions in their native countries. Many have endured severe hardships, including poverty, unjust imprisonment, even torture – all involving physical and emotional suffering. Most clients arrive destitute. They seek legal asylum or other legal recourse to begin new lives in this country. Since 1989, La Posada has provided resettlement assistance to thousands of people from close to 100 different countries.

Located in the lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, La Posada provides a stabilizing support system for immigrants and asylum seekers as they wait for their cases to be adjudicated before the U.S. Immigration Court and for asylees as they take steps to toward achieving permanent resident status. At La Posada, clients are provided access to the services they need and are encouraged to embrace the notion that they can achieve successful futures with hard work and their inherent skills.

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