Christmas at La Posada

Christmas at La Posada


December 2023, La Posada Providencia guests, staff, volunteers, and supporters gathered together to celebrate the tradition of the Las Posadas. This tradition celebrates and educates on the journey that Mary and Joseph made from Nazareth to Bethlehem, searching for a safe place to give birth to Jesus. “Posada” is Spanish for inn, directly correlating the tradition to our purpose and mission of La Posada Providencia of providing shelter for those who are seeking safe refuge. La Posada has been open and welcoming refugees since December 1, 1989, with every time the doors have opened directly reflects how Mary and Joseph were received after their journey. La Posada Providencia’s motto of “Welcoming the Stranger, Making a Difference” shows how our work is directly related to the tradition of the Posada.

The journey of the night starts at the entrance of La Posada and the group walks from house to house with Mary and Joseph asking for shelter for the night. While walking from house to house, the group sings the traditional songs of the posada. Once the group reached the third house and Mary and Joseph found shelter, everyone was welcomed into La Posada’s brand-new building to start the celebration.

Everyone gathered in the new building to sing Christmas carols and light the traditional candles of the posada. We started off the festivities with a prayer for all those who have passed through La Posada Providencia and all those who currently reside with us.

Christmas Joy filled the room as everyone shared stories of past while eating delicious tamales. The event marked the official beginning of La Posada in our brand-new buildings and the end of a great year and hopefully a start to a great 2024.

Written by Alyssa Perez