Young Guest Arrives Willing to Give A Hand

Young Guest Arrives Willing to Give A Hand

Ale of Honduras arrived at La Posada over the weekend. After her mother’s passing this past October, she began her migration journey to the United States. Ale stayed ten days in an immigrant shelter for minors and was released after her 18th birthday. She has been staying at La Posada for a few days now and has demonstrated her enthusiasm to help and learn.
Before being invited, Ale approached our Facilities Coordinator, George De Santos, to offer a helping hand. With George’s guidance, Ale has learned to use a tractor lawnmower, weed eater, long saw, and drill in a short period. She volunteered her time to help La Posada with routine maintenance and landscaping.
Recently, Ale said she was so happy and grateful to have arrived at La Posada. She commended George for his patience and kindness in teaching her how to use the equipment and tools. Ale expressed a desire to stay longer to continue learning handy skills and English but acknowledged her commitment to continuing her migration journey. Ale plans to use these new skills to obtain employment and pay for school. She hopes to become a lawyer one day.
It has been gratifying to witness Ale’s joy for giving back and her willingness to take advantage of the many learning opportunities La Posada offers its guests. We have great confidence that she will achieve her goals. We wish her the best of luck as she continues her journey!

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Clients assisted from August 1, 2021- August 7, 2021 

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