Volunteer Experience – Mosaic United Methodist Church – OKC – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Volunteer Experience – Mosaic United Methodist Church – OKC – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Members from Mosaic United Methodist Church – OKC, Perry and Elizabeth Kliewer, MaryAnn Carns, David and Susan Humphrey, Jeni Clewell, Alan Logan, Paul W. Calkin, Lissa Wright, Nancy Scott, William F. and Rose Todd spent five days volunteering at La Posada Providencia to create a walking trail on the 10-acre shelter property.  The walking trail will benefit both clients and staff by promoting and providing an outlet for a healthy and active lifestyle.  The volunteer group not only laid the walking trail, but they also assisted us with other important maintenance needs around the facility. Chief among these was helping install a new air conditioner for La Posada’s ESL and life-skills classroom.
Upon reflecting on their five-day experience at La Posada, members of the Mosaic Methodist Church group expressed a desire to share their different experiences with the hope of raising awareness for La Posada.  When describing the experience, they had many comments:
“The best”

“Impressed with the support provided to clients to prepare them for their next step in their journey”

“Gracious hospitality, God’s zeal for justice and welcome warmth”

“Wonderful experience. I enjoyed meeting wonderful people
and learning about your work”

“Amazed at all that is going on—so many dedicated staff,
volunteers, and guests”

“Very positive, humbling and peaceful place, loving open arms”

“Loved the inclusive sense of family and shared responsibility”

“Muy Bueno.”
Additional testimonials from the Mosaic Methodist Church group that they wished to express and share to all are as follows:
“Thoroughly impressed with the commitment of your staff and volunteers, and the profound impact that you make for so many”

“Ultimate sign of love for a need for humanitarian care and love for all of God’s children”

“You are doing God’s work and I anticipate this is the beginning of a continued relationship between our two communities”

“Deep appreciation”

“Well thought out and organized and caring people”

“Love LPP”

“I also pray there will soon be no need for asylum for our neighbors”

“Your desire to help people was overwhelming!”

“Your kindness and respect for your guests was refreshing,”

“Very much needed, Impactful!”

 “We had such an insightful, impactful, and refreshing experience that we hope and pray that we will return very soon!”

“Thank you for all you do and we pray for you all here
at La Posada Providencia!”
La Posada wishes to extend its deepest appreciation to the volunteers representing Mosaic United Methodist Church – OKC. The compassion and respect you displayed for the least among us moved us greatly. We look forward to your next visit!

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Client Sensus

15 Guests representing 8 countries

4 Women – 5 Children – 6 Men
Sri Lanka