Volunteer Drives 1,675 Miles to Serve La Posada

Volunteer Drives 1,675 Miles to Serve La Posada

Volunteer Drives 1,675 Miles to Serve La Posada

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Volunteer Drives 1,675 Miles to Serve La Posada

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Every year when the winter weather approaches the northeastern part of the country, a very special person makes her way south to volunteer at La Posada; she has become an important part of the La Posada community of staff, clients and volunteers.

After driving 1,675 miles in three-and-a-half days from her hometown of Monaca, Pa., Sisters of Divine Providence Associate Marlene McClain made it to La Posada in her RV. To be exact, she arrived in San Benito, Texas, on Friday, Nov. 6.

“They do a wonderful job here and I am very grateful they have accepted me to come volunteer again,” said McClain, who, at 78 years of age, is on her fourth trip to La Posada. “I have nothing holding me down back home, so I truly enjoy coming down here.”

McClain said the Sisters of Divine Providence have influenced her life since she was 11 years old.

“They played an important part in my life,” McClain said. “This is sort of a way to pay them back for all they did for me.”

McClain will stay at La Posada for approximately six months, during which time she will help La Posada staff with different tasks, such as mentoring, driving and assisting clients.

McClain will also be a part of the Hands & Hearts Brunch Committee.

“Every winter, we are grateful to receive McClain back at La Posada,” said Program Director Sister Zita Telkamp, CDP. “She is a great asset to the Sisters of Divine Providence and the La Posada community.”

McClain says she is looking forward to sharing with clients, learning their stories, and helping La Posada’s mission of “welcoming the stranger and making a difference.”

“I just feel this is what God wants me to do and He has made it possible for me to continue doing so,” McClain said.

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