Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 7 – 13, 2019 was National Volunteer Appreciation Week. That week is an opportunity to thank all the thousands of volunteers across the country who keep many organizations running and in many cases provide the services that otherwise would not exist without volunteers.

La Posada is certainly no exception when it comes to relying on volunteers for a variety of tasks – from building maintenance to tutoring clients in ESL – our volunteers make such a big difference in helping to support La Posada.

This past Wednesday we hosted a luncheon in our volunteer pavilion to thank our volunteers for all the amazing work they do for La Posada.  La Posada Food Specialist, Angel Torres, prepared a delicious meal. Volunteers shared their experiences as volunteers and capped the afternoon with a game of Chalupa, also known as Mexican Bingo. A great time was had by all.

On behalf of all of us at La Posada, we extend to our volunteers our heartfelt gratitude for the many services and acts of kindness they so willingly give to our shelter and clients.  For those volunteers who could not join us Wednesday, and who are far away, our gratitude for your service is recorded in our hearts and never forgotten.

May our Provident God Bless you all!

Spotlight on Volunteer Monica Reyes
and Her Students

Monica Reyes has been volunteering with La Posada for about the past three years. She teaches English at The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley and is a PhD student/candidate at Old Dominion University.

Monica is passionate about her volunteerism and has found a way to involve her students. Part of their class credit requires them to volunteer with La Posada, teaching ESL, or helping clients writing and translating their stories for their asylum application. Most recently Monica has introduced a multi-modal campaign assignment to her students. The purpose is for the students to create three public documents (poster, podcast episode, brochure, etc.) that help to publicize/advertise the need to connect the shelter with more resources.

Some of her students composed a reflection of their volunteer experience. We will include more student reflections in future Tuesdays. In their own words:

Student Reflection #1

La Posada Providencia is a unique community with a lot of good people with good personalities all around. It was so amazing to see how all the people in the classroom look up to the Sisters, especially Sister Thérèse. It’s like they have known each other for their whole life time. The way the clients and the staff connect with one another is just something I am unable to explain. The Sisters treat the little ones so great, and they always look excited to be able to learn new things. The two times I went as an ESL teacher and taught a young man (about my age) how to count money and turn singular words to plural words. He comes from Honduras and his main language is Spanish, so it’s kind of a challenge for him whenever we are doing the activities that Sister assigns us to teach.  I translate most of the words for him to Spanish and so he will have a better understanding of what we are talking about and have him repeat it to me in English that way I assure myself he is learning. I really admire how he never gives up on the stuff we work on and how he always wants to be sure he has learned what we are covering before moving on. During the last 30 minutes of class we always play bingo, and everybody looks like they are really enjoying themselves. I find how the Sisters let everybody get a chance to win very caring and marvelous.

Before going to La Posada, I was really nervous because I had never met any people outside of my country and I thought: ​what if they don’t like me or don’t feel comfortable around me? ​ These worries quickly faded. The people at La Posada make me feel welcomed and like I am a part of them. Not only do the Sisters make me feel this way but the people seeking asylum do as well. I feel like they are happy that I am there helping them. Overall serving at La Posada is a blessing and I plan on going more often to help with more ESL classes.