The First United Methodist Army Comes to Serve

The First United Methodist Army Comes to Serve

Sister Dympna Clarke and Sister Thérèse Cunningham displaying cross received from United Methodist Army

The summer has brought us abundant blessings, with many volunteers ready to respond to La Posada’s many needs. Pastor Todd Jones, from First United Methodist Church (FUMC), in Harlingen, TX, formed the UM Army, a volunteer group. The group visiting La Posada consisted of 27 youth ranging in ages from 12-16 years old. The volunteers arrived at La Posada the week of June 28. Each day they rotated a small group of six to eight individuals to volunteer.

We welcomed them with an educational tour of the shelter, either led by Client mentor, Sister Thérèse Cunningham or Volunteer Coordinator, Laura Sutherland. The individuals in the group represented First United Methodist Church of Harlingen/ Brownsville, TX, Christ United Methodist Church of College Station, TX, and First United Methodist Church, of Mineola, TX. The UM Army helped with much-needed painting, landscaping and they donated the supplies to complete their work.
FUMC invited La Posada to attend a special dinner to honor our mission and work at the end of the week.  Sister Thérèse and on-site volunteer Sister Dympna Clarke participated in the dinner and were presented with a beautiful cross. The cross was uniquely made, with each volunteer contributing a colored piece of glass on the cross. For us, the volunteer effort was similar to the work we at La Posada individually contribute to achieving La Posada’s mission to welcome the stranger. Like a puzzle, the greater community of volunteers came together to help fit pieces of need together to complete a combined effort that helps create a better space for those we serve. 

We are grateful to FUMC, Pastor Todd Jones and his army of motivated and giving youthful volunteers.

Program Highlights

Clients assisted from July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 (Fiscal Year):

Clients assisted from July 1, 2021- July 9, 2021 

The following nine (9) Countries of Origin represented in July:
El Salvador