Thank You Catholic Extension!

Thank You Catholic Extension!

On Thursday, July 12, 2018, La Posada welcomed several visitors from the Chicago area who came to learn more about immigrant families who flee from danger in their homelands to the United States. They were especially interested in learning more about the recent tragedy that some families are suffering as a result of being separated from their children at the southern U.S. border with Mexico.

Visiting priests included: Rev. Gary Graf (St. Procopius/Providence of God Parish); Rev. Fred Pesek (Queen of the Rosary Parish); Rev. Tom Hurley (Old St. Patrick’s Church); Rev. Terry Keehan (Holy Family Parish); Rev. Bob Heinz (St. Norbert/Our Lady of the Brook) and Rev. Joseph Tito (St. Nicholas Parish (Evanston).

Leading the visiting priests was Father Jack Wall, President of Catholic Extension and members of the Catholic Extension staff Joe Bolland, Tim Muldoon and Tom Gordon. The Catholic Extension Society has formed a new fund, the Family Reunification Fund as a response to the recent family separations.

The Catholic Extension website explains “The fund will support ministries that provide direct outreach and advocacy for immigrant families separated as a consequence of our broken immigration system. The fund will mainly benefit existing ministries on the southern U.S. border with Mexico, specifically those that are actively sheltering, defending, and caring for immigrants and their families.”

La Posada is the first beneficiary of the fund and was presented a check for $25,000. This unexpected gift could not have been more timely as we continue to welcome increased numbers of families with children, especially women and children.

We are sincerely grateful for this support, THANK YOU!

Fr. Jack Wall, president of Catholic Extension, presents a $25,000 check to Sister Margaret Mertens, CDP, Site Coordinator, and Andi Atkinson, Executive Director, during Catholic Extension’s visit to La Posada July 12.

Fr. Gary Graf (left) and Fr. Joseph Tito listen to client Jessica as she relays her story.


Accompanying the Chicago entourage were media representatives from WGN and ABC news. See related stories below:

Families Reunited


La Posada has had the privilege of assisting 8 families who successfully reunited with their children after being separated at the border. Recently, one such family from Honduras stayed at La Posada. Mom and son will stay with us until they can travel to their resettlement location in Philadelphia. Generous individuals and funders have donated airline miles and paid for other travel expenses making it easier for asylum seekers to reach their final destinations. To read more about our recent family, select the link below:

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