Cuban Client Shares Gift of Art


Cuban Client Shares Gift of Art

Hundreds of clients come through La Posada’s doors each year. Many of them possess distinct gifts of talents and skills. In the past 25 years, we have assisted dancers, singers, former Olympian trainers, carpenters and electricians, engineers, drivers, professional artists, acrobats, chefs, and many more. Recently, we welcomed another artist. His name is Ruben. He

KRGV News: Cubans Recall Harrowing Days at Sea

SAN BENITO – Six Cubans who washed ashore on South Padre Island are working to understand American life. The men survived 20 days at sea. The men on Monday recalled the dangers they faced during their passage through the Gulf of Mexico. “Above all else, we’re just grateful that we’re alive. It’s a miracle that

20-Day Journey at Sea: Cuban Immigrants Safe at La Posada

They planned their escape from Cuba for seven days prior to their departure. They packed a few rations to eat on a small boat for the journey: water bottles, crackers, sugar, condensed milk (that they could dilute in water), and bread. Enough food, they thought, to sustain them for six to eight days. They also

Valley Morning Star: Author to present her book, ‘Rescuing Regina’

By TRAVIS M. WHITEHEAD Staff Writer HARLINGEN — Regina and David Bakala were living quiet lives in Milwaukee several years ago when immigration officials suddenly showed up at their door. The agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement were there to take Regina Bakala into custody for deportation to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her

ABC 13 – Houston: Local border agencies fend for themselves during crises

By  Ted Oberg HOUSTON (KTRK) –Alma Gonzalez had time to sit and talk Tuesday. But it was just weeks ago when this worker at the La Posada Providencia shelter near the Texas-Mexico border in San Benito was busier than she’d ever been. “It was something we hadn’t experienced before,” Gonzales said. “We were not prepared

Brownsville Herald: Amid influx, shelter tallies 8,000th client

By KAYLEIGH SOMMER Staff Writer SAN BENITO — Less than a year after La Posada Providencia reached 7,000 clients, the shelter recently welcomed its 8,000th client during an influx of immigrants arriving in the lower Rio Grande Valley — many of them from Central America. The surge has more than quadrupled the San Benito shelter’s

La Posada Welcomes 8,000th Client

(San Benito, Texas) Less than a year after La Posada Providencia announced its milestone of reaching 7,000 clients, the shelter has now welcomed its 8,000th client amidst an unprecedented influx of immigrants arriving in the lower Rio Grande Valley. This surge has more than quadrupled the shelter’s annual client intake. “What a privilege it has

Brownsville Herald: Immigrants at La Posada contribute to healthy sustainability

By Lisa Mitchell-Bennett I consider the geographical location of the Rio Grande Valley an asset for many reasons. The semi-tropical climate, longer growing season, the flora and fauna along our beautiful coastline attract tourists and winter visitors and provide us with a beautiful and affordable place to live. Our proximity to an international border enriches

Valley Morning Star: Family flees violence in El Salvador

By FERNANDO DEL VALLE Valley Morning Star SAN BENITO — A woman who was taken in by a San Benito shelter says she and her 10-year-old son fled El Salvador after extortionists threatened to kill her and her family. Lora is not her real name. She is fearful that her family could be in danger