Spreading the La Posada Story

Spreading the La Posada Story

It is our pleasure to host volunteer groups from civic organizations, schools, colleges, universities and churches. We enjoy sharing our ministry and the stories of our clients with these groups who often visit us from around the state and the country.

We try, in the short time we have with visitors, to provide them with facts and more insight about the immigrants and asylum seekers who come to La Posada, revealing the human side to the controversial aspect of immigration.

This past week, we hosted groups from Grace Presbyterian Church – Plano, Texas, La Roche College – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, American University in Washington D.C., First Baptist Church, in Washington, D.C. Pastor Pereira from Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries, First Christian Church –  McKinney, Texas, and St. Mary’s University – San Antonio, Texas.

The group from Grace Presbyterian Church was led by Greg Spek, who sponsored six high school students.  The group volunteered by helping to cut grass, perform other yardwork, tutor ESL and entertain our children. They talked to some of the clients to understand their stories from sharing as much as they could in order to create awareness of the immigration crisis and their needs.

The students from La Roche College also volunteered with yard work, ESL tutoring and lending their hands to help set up for the upcoming fundraiser. (La Roche College was founded and is sponsored by the Sisters of Divine Providence.)

Four law students from American University in Washington D.C. per their request, received a presentation about La Posada’s ministry and mission and the opportunity to meet and greet staff and clients.

Eight people from First Baptist Church in Washington D.C. came to learn about La Posada and to meet and greet with staff and clients.

The Rev. Feliberto Pereira, ED, the pastor of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries, along with eight members of the First Christian Church in McKinney, Texas, who were helping him at his shelter during spring break, took time out to visit and learn about La Posada. One member of the group, Cathy Buchfink, recounted how as teenager in 1995, she helped to renovate Casa Belen.

The week of visitors ended on Thursday when Julia Rangel, from ARISE, a support center for women, brought a group of their spring break volunteers from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. They wanted a presentation about La Posada’s ministry and mission as well as an opportunity to meet and greet staff and clients.

It was a busy week for us, and we hope a great awareness builder for all who visited.

Grace Presbyterian Church, Plano, Texas

La Roche College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

First Christian Church McKinney, Texas with Pastor Pereira of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries

St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas