Sister of Notre Dame and Notre Dame Associate Volunteer at La Posada

Sister of Notre Dame and Notre Dame Associate Volunteer at La Posada

La Posada Providencia recently welcomed Sister Mary Beth Gray, SND (Sisters of Notre Dame), who is from Ohio and celebrating her 50th Jubilee as a Sister.  Sister taught elementary school for 30 years and was music director in parishes for 15 years.  She came to La Posada after the leadership of her religious community invited her to visit and volunteer at a place of her choice along the U.S.-Mexican border.  When arriving in San Benito, Texas, she was ready for a positive experience of serving others in need.

Another Ohio native, Gardenia Witherspoon, also accompanied Sister Mary Beth.  She is an Associate of the Sisters of Notre Dame and this was her first trip to Texas; she had no idea what to expect.  Among Gardenia’s observations, was that it was windy, the majority of the people spoke Spanish and there were lots and lots of cowboy hats and boots!  When asked how she heard about La Posada, she stated that she had read a story about another Sister of Notre Dame having done volunteer work at La Posada and that encouraged her to make the trip to Texas.

Sister Mary Beth explained, “La Posada emanates love, kindness, and care.”  Sister shared that she was thrilled to work with older clients teaching them ESL. At times, they did not believe they could learn a new language.  She saw them learn a little more every day and become confident in their skills.  Expressing the same sentiments, Gardenia also shared that she truly enjoyed working with the children teaching them numbers and letters. She was also thankful that she was able to meet people from different countries.

Sister Mary Beth and Gardenia were a true blessing for La Posada.  We wish them a safe journey back to Ohio and send out a big thank you for providing their love and support to all the clients.

Sister Mary Beth giving some of women clients the treat of a manicure.

Notre Dame Associate Gardenia with Sister Mary Beth giving clients a manicure. Gardenia also taught the clients how to make pot holders.

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