She fled political persecution in Ethiopia…

She fled political persecution in Ethiopia…

2014 Annual Appeal

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Saraa’s journey began in her home country of Ethiopia, where she and her family faced political persecution. After saving thousands of dollars for the journey, Saraa and her husband spent months traveling from Ethiopia through 10 other countries before reaching the U.S., including Sudan, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, among others. She floated in an open boat for hours and hours; she walked for days through the Panamanian jungle, border after border with the single-minded goal-finding hope for a better life, free of oppression.

Our clients’ stories of survival are nothing short of a miracle.

Some of the clients who arrive at our shelter have unimaginable, dangerous journeys. They leave everything behind as they frantically try to escape violence, persecution, famine and extreme poverty. Saraa’s story is just one of many.

La Posada has seen a recent spike in the number of clients like Saraa, who are fleeing life-threatening conditions in their countries and seeking safety in the U.S. In recent months, the arrival of clients at La Posada has more than quadrupled compared to what previously had been the norm. All our clients have proper documentation to stay in the U.S. while their legal status is resolved.

At the time of her journey, Saraa was pregnant. She was separated from her husband. He was detained by immigration authorities, as asylum seekers often are. She faced despair.

Then upon arriving at La Posada, she heard news that her youngest sister drowned while taking a different route to the U.S.

Wouldn’t most of us lose hope at this point?

Some might, but not Saraa. She worked hard on her ESL classes while staying at La Posada and waited patiently for news of her husband’s and her asylee status. Eventually, Saraa decided that it was time to continue her journey. She headed north to Buffalo, New York, where she had relatives. Soon after, her husband was released from the detention center and they were reunited.

But her miraculous journey did not stop there.

While staying at La Posada, she was interviewed by Steve Inskeep, of National Public Radio’s Morning Edition Show. Her story resonated with listeners far from the southern tip of Texas.

Hundreds of miles away, Modesta Murphy, who lives in Stamford, Connecticut, heard Saraa’s story on NPR. Touched by her harrowing account, Modesta found a way to get in touch with Saraa.

Through a series of different connections, Modesta arranged to send a car-load of baby care items for Saraa and her new family.

“I was so touched and inspired by her story, her courage and the trust she has in God,” Modesta recalls. “She must have put herself in God’s hands with everything she went through.”

In our eyes, this was Providence made visible-the ripple effect-one life touching another prompting an act of kindness. These ripples are commonplace with La Posada, and today, you can create a ripple of hope for one of our clients.

Like many asylum seekers, Saraa and her husband continue working through the asylum process. As is the case with many asylum seekers, there is no certain date as to when they will receive their asylum. Every case is different; time frames to resolve asylum cases vary. It is a complicated process, but we know Saraa and her husband will prevail with new hope for themselves and their baby boy.

The most beautiful gift one receives from working and volunteering at La Posada Providencia is witnessing, every day, the miracle of individual lives and the ripple effect each life brings to our human family.

We often refer to this ripple effect as, “Providence.”

As we move into fall and begin plans for family gatherings to give thanks for our many blessings, we invite you to help us continue to spread God’s Providence, to share miracles and make profound ripples.

Today, you can help us welcome the stranger and make a difference.

In God’s Providence

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Sister Zita Telkamp, CDP

Program Director

La Posada Providencia

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