Not Today COVID-19

Not Today COVID-19

La Posada staff and clients remain safe during COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways. Through unprecedented times, La Posada Providencia has dedicated itself to keeping its clients and staff safe and healthy.

Throughout the past few months, La Posada has implemented strategic policies and guidelines to help prevent clients and staff from infection and spreading COVID-19. These policies have and will continue in order to maintain the health and safety of those working, volunteering, and living at La Posada. Our pandemic policies and procedures include mandatory face masks for all staff and clients, frequent cleaning and sanitizing of offices and dormitory areas, practicing social distancing guidelines, and staff working from home during a shelter in place.

As of June 1, all staff returned to work on-site and adhere to strict rules such as wearing face masks, washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, undergoing daily temperature checks, and staying home, if feeling ill. Arriving clients have their temperature checked, complete a COVID-related questionnaire, and must possess a medical clearance from the referring agency before entry to the shelter. Clients, do, in fact, continue to arrive, but not in the same numbers as before the pandemic.

During these challenging times, we are heartened by the phone calls of support received and other acts of kindness and generosity. In particular, the Sisters of Divine Providence, in South Korea, graciously sent La Posada 800 face masks. This most thoughtful gift has helped La Posada keep people healthy.