More than a Shelter; La Posada is a Home

More than a Shelter; La Posada is a Home

Here at La Posada, our shelter is a home, and we have the humbling privilege of living life with our clients. In our shelter, we love to learn about clients’ cultural traditions and beliefs. We have celebrated birthdays, weddings and enjoy small holidays like International Waffle Day. We have seen baby clients grow into toddlers and witness daily activities like children riding bikes, playing basketball, or racing each other outdoors. The La Posada staff works hard to maintain an inviting space filled with nurturing support.

Some clients can call it home for one night to two weeks, while others experience an extended stay. Every client’s case is different. Depending on their length of stay, client needs can significantly vary. For a short-term client, responding to their need can be immediate by providing them with a meal and restoring their sense of dignity by providing them a private space to shower and change into clean clothes. Or it can mean helping them gain peace of mind, as in a visit to a medical clinic or a quiet moment for prayer or reflection.

For longer-term clients, meeting needs can mean continued emotional support, more expansive resettlement assistance, and offering a foundation for achieving future self-sustainability via our ESL/Life Skills curriculum. With client success and happiness as values, La Posada balances everyday life with client services. La Posada is proud of its holistic approach to meet client needs and strives to meet these needs, big or small, as best as possible.

We are humbled and gratified when past clients communicate or return to the shelter with updates about their resettlement. In a time of their great need, La Posada was their first home in the United States as it was to many others. We hope to share client’s successes in the future as we become aware of them.

Our donors, collaborators, and partners’ support have made it possible for us to assist the very vulnerable individuals we see daily. We could not do what we do without you. Together we have been doing good things in times of great need, especially now.
We encourage you to view the recent story that appeared this past weekend on USA Today. Click here to read the full article.

We served 47 clients this week.

Clients served from July 1, 2020 – March 26, 2021 (Fiscal Year):

Clients served from March 1, 2021- March 26, 2021 
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El Salvador