La Posada Remains Committed to Safety Amid Influx of Clients

La Posada Remains Committed to Safety Amid Influx of Clients

Over the past few weeks, La Posada has received an influx of clients seeking asylum, many of whom have waited extended periods at tent cities along the Texas border in Mexico. La Posada is responding to the influx by continuing to practice the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended safety protocols to combat COVID-19. CDC safety recommendations are also followed by referring U.S. Immigration agencies. As an extra level of precaution, La Posada continues to enforce the shelter’s safety protocols for the pandemic.  

Upon arrival at La Posada, clients previously determined as COVID-19 negative, are sheltered in a quarantine room for three days and observed for symptoms. Once the three days have passed, symptom-free clients join the shelter community. Staff members are also tested every two weeks for COVID-19 by the Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR) and rapid (antigen) testing. In collaboration with a local community clinic, we have two staff members training to be certified to perform COVID-19 testing. Having this capacity helps us respond quickly if any COVID-19 related symptoms occur among our long-term clients. Also, La Posada has a medical plan in place through a partnership with a local volunteer doctor to observe and respond to clients with COVID-19 should the need arise.

The shelter enforces the use of face masks and promotes the use of double face masking for added protection. Signs have been placed on the main entrances of shelter buildings to publicize the requirements. All main areas contain sanitizing stations, and small bottles of sanitizer can be found throughout the shelter. Clients, staff, and visitors are frequently encouraged to sanitize their hands. Housekeeping staff regularly disinfects all surfaces in meal areas, bedrooms, restrooms, and classrooms. La Posada is very grateful for donor support resulting in receiving the supplies needed to follow CDC recommendations.

La Posada is keenly aware of the responsibility it has to the greater community to keep our shelter healthy and safe, and the positive influence we can have on incoming clients for practicing responsible health measures. La Posada has zero, year-to-date, infections of COVID-19 within the shelter community. We are thankful for this outcome and take nothing for granted.

Clients served from July 1, 2020 – March 12, 2021 (Fiscal Year):

Clients served from March 1, 2021- March 12, 2021 

The following seven (7) countries of origin represented in March:
El Salvador

*Previously, we have reported on long-term clients staying at the shelter that week. Currently, we are processing many short-term clients. Starting this week, we will report the number of clients served for the month and the total clients served from the start of the fiscal year.