Honduran Guest Prepares to Continue Migration Journey

Honduran Guest Prepares to Continue Migration Journey

Jamie arrived at La Posada Providencia in July 2020. His family in Honduras is quite poor. Simply getting water for their household to use involved a 15-minute walk each way, carrying water home in buckets. There was little opportunity for him to get work.

His migration journey began when he was 16 years old; he left his mother and brother behind. His journey to the U.S. involved traveling by bus, car, train, also known as La Bestia (“The Beast”), and walking. He had no food or water traveling on the train, and it traveled three to four days without stopping. The entire trip took 21 days.

After Jaime’s long and arduous journey to the U.S. border, he had many stops at Customs and Border Protection facilities, including one for unaccompanied children in Miami, Florida, and then transferring to a similar facility in Harlingen, Texas where he lived for about a year. During that time, he worked on getting his GED. When he turned 18, Jaime was sent to the adult detention center in Port Isabel, Texas for three months. After Port Isabel, he arrived at La Posada.

Jaime says he appreciates the food, clothing, and personal supplies he has received at La Posada, as well as the opportunity to learn English. Jamie finds that Client Mentor Sister Thérèse Cunningham, SHSp, is a good teacher, patient, and welcoming. In turn, Sister Thérèse comments that Jamie is very responsible and reliable. If she leaves him a task to accomplish, he will do it and do his best at it.

With assistance from ProBAR, Jaime acquired his work permit. He is ready to continue his journey to his resettlement location in New York.

We wish him the best of luck, he will be missed.

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