Home Depot to the Rescue

Home Depot to the Rescue

The grant award we recently received from Home Depot satisfied three areas of need for La Posada.

1. Outdated appliances: We replaced our old refrigerator and stove with more energy efficient ones. We also purchased a second washing machine since we do laundry for 15 to 20 people on a routine basis. All three appliances arrived July 12th.

2. Outdated fixtures and needed shelving: Building shelving, replacing faucets and bathroom fixtures are among our current renovation projects we included in our grant request. Our “master client carpenter/plumber,” Michael, is teaching “the trade” to our younger clients as they assist him. This past week, they professionally installed much needed shelving for our clients’ dorm room (photo).

3. A second irrigation system: Our grant request included material to build a second irrigation system to bring water from the Resaca to our fields. This project is scheduled to start by the end of August.

We are truly indebted to Home Depot for being instrumental in making God’s Providence visible to us and for making our dreams come true.