­Helping Develop “Reel” Experts

­Helping Develop “Reel” Experts

Over the weekend, two 18-year-old, long-term guests of La Posada enjoyed a day at South Padre Island- SPI, a vacation area not far from La Posada. La Posada volunteer, Jose Arizmendi, and his two sons planned for a fishing trip at The Jetties, in SPI. The day started early, with Jose picking the clients up around 7 a.m. Then they had breakfast and headed to the island.

Oscar, one of the clients, had never used a fishing pole before and he only knew how to fish by tying a string to a plastic bottle. Jose could relate to that, as that is precisely how he fished when he was in Mexico. After a long morning of fishing, the group of 5 hit the beach to cool off from the hot sun in the waves and ended the day with a drive thru dinner from Whataburger. The two guests were thankful to have an eventful weekend and enjoyed the beach with the Arizmendi boys. Jose Arizmendi is a compassionate man and feels its important for the young men to experience life outside the shelter. La Posada is currently working on a project for long-term clients to be able to participate in various activities and educational experiences with a volunteer mentor. Thanks to Jose and his sons for portraying La Posada’s model of excellence- Welcoming the Stranger, Making a Difference.

Program Highlights

Clients assisted from July 1, 2020 – June 21, 2021 (Fiscal Year):

Clients assisted from June 1, 2021- June 21, 2021

The following twelve (12) Countries of Origin represented in June:
Dominican Republic
El Salvador