Having Faith

Having Faith

Recently, we welcomed Faith Pienta, a 2021 homeschooled, high school graduate. Faith is volunteering at La Posada for twelve weeks and hopes to donate her time to various non-profit organizations for one year. La Posada is her first destination, and her arrival represented perfect synchrony of events as La Posada was arranging coverage for the absence of our Client Mentor, Sister Thérèse Cunningham. Faith’s arrival was a blessing.

When asked why she selected La Posada as her destination, Faith said the client services and home environment motivated her decision. During her planning, Faith faced much uncertainty about her travel arrangements and concern from others about staying near a border town. Her trust in God’s work kept her optimistic. With an altruistic heart, Faith arrived at La Posada in May and began serving. Faith has been helping with ESL & Life-Skills classes, the daily client flag raising, sorting donations, and administration duties. Faith is a wonderful young woman and a sweet blessing to La Posada. Thank you, Faith!

Faith Pienta, helping organize medical cabinet.

Faith Pienta playing soccer with La Posada guests.

Kathy Sheldon, Faith Pienta, and La Posada guest organizing medication for La Posada pets.

Faith Pienta, administration duties.

Program Highlights

Clients assisted from July 1, 2020 – June 11, 2021 (Fiscal Year):

Clients assisted from June 1, 2021- June 11, 2021

The following eleven (11) Countries of Origin represented in June:
Dominican Republic
El Salvador