Happy Birthday Sister Margaret!

Happy Birthday Sister Margaret!

In keeping with La Posada tradition, we celebrate birthdays. Monday March 4 was Sister Margaret’s turn to be celebrated. Sister Margaret is La Posada’s Site Coordinator and is responsible for developing and caring for the property (10 acres!) using ecological and environmental sustainability principles. She teaches and works collaboratively with clients in everyday tasks, monitors client and shelter supply inventories and helps clients with access to needed services by driving them to and from their various appointments. She keeps plenty busy, but always makes time for compassionate listening to clients, especially mothers, and readily assists them by calming their infants and toddlers in distress.

Thank you, Sister Margaret, for all you do. All of us wish you a happy and healthy year!

ProBar Visits La Posada

On Tuesday this past week, five volunteers from ProBAR came to La Posada to view our shelter and operations to learn more about what we do and how we handle client cases. They came from the law schools of Boston College (BC) and George Washington University (GC). A different group will be coming every Tuesday
in March.

The South Texas Pro Bono Asylum Representation Project (ProBAR) is a project of the American Bar Association that provides legal information, pro se assistance and pro bono representation to thousands of immigrants and asylum-seekers detained by the United States government in the lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.

La Posada thanks and appreciates ProBAR for it dedication and commitment to providing critical legal services to people seeking asylum in the United States.

From left, Inaara Tayuddin – BC, Kristine Abrenica – GC, Puneet Dhaliwal – BC,
Rebecca Miller – BC, Neema Hakim – BC