God’s Hour

God’s Hour

Sixteen clergy from the Disciples of Christ Christian Church visited La Posada Providencia for an hour on Nov. 10. The men and women of faith came from different parts of the country to visit the South Texas border region and learn more about the plight of immigrants and refugees. The group asked many questions about immigration policies and trends and also listened to the story of a client from Africa.

The Disciples strongly supported La Posada’s mission of “welcoming the stranger” as well as human rights, social justice and compassion for all of God’s people. Before leaving, everyone held hands and prayed together for the well-being of the clients of La Posada.

Thank you for visiting, Disciples of Christ!

Women on a Mission

Three women with the Sisters of Divine Providence community in St. Louis gave of their time and talents for three days at La Posada Providencia.

Sister Barbara McMullen as well as Associates Linda Hoefflin and Rose Vierdag spent most of their time teaching the men, women and children of La Posada how to read and write English. However, when they were not in the classroom, they were getting “down and dirty” mowing the yard, painting the walls and doing any tasks necessary at La Posada. The women were just the reinforcement La Posada needed that week with a whopping 40 clients!

Thank you, Linda, Rose and Sister Barbara, for serving at La Posada and supporting our mission!

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