Former Client’s Latest Accomplishment Brings Joy

Former Client’s Latest Accomplishment Brings Joy

Shalom feels represented by an eagle spreading its wings and flying
Photo by Frank Cone from Pexels

Our clients travel to the United States for many different reasons. Their unique stories can bring hope to those around them and exemplify what it means to persevere through any obstacle.

La Posada Providencia has been privileged with serving a client, Shalom, who is exceptionally joyful, strong, and resilient. Her story is worthy of sharing and vividly exemplifies how good can overcome evil. Shalom was organizing youth rallies during her country’s election in 2013 when she was targeted by members of the ruling party and was brutally attacked. In an effort to avoid future attacks, she moved to another town. However, her safety was short lived as the attackers found her again four years later and brutalized her again.

To save her life, Shalom fled to the United States and sought asylum. Detained in California, she wrote letters to various shelters across the country in hopes of finding refuge with one. La Posada responded, and she arrived at our shelter; eventually, she permanently resettled in San Benito. Not long after, Shalom set a goal to obtain her GED and began studying. After enormous amounts of hard work and dedication, she recently graduated with her GED. La Posada is proud of her dedication and her accomplishments.

Shalom is hardworking and buoyant. She has dreams of becoming a nurse. We have no doubt that she will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. We marvel at her resilience and the impact she has made on herself, on others at La Posada, and will continue to make in the world.

Congratulations, Shalom!