First Baby in 2016 Fiscal Year

First Baby in 2016 Fiscal Year

Birhan arrived at La Posada on February 21, 2016. After two months of traveling and crossing 10 different countries, her journey from Ethiopia was over and she was brought to her new home, La Posada.

Due to political oppression in her country, Birhan and her husband traveled to the United States in search of a better life. Not only was she seeking a better life for she and her husband but also for their growing family. Birhan was four months pregnant when she arrived at La Posada.

While Birhan was brought to our shelter, her husband was sent to a detention center in New York. As difficult as it has been for her being separated from her husband, Birhan has wasted no time in preparing to rebuild their new lives in the U.S.

Birhan attends daily English as Second Language (ESL) classes to improve her English and helps our cook prepare meals as a way to learn and practice important life skills. In addition, she works with our Client Coordinator on her case and does whatever is necessary to move forward.

“She is a wonderful listener and such a gracious person”, says Monica Rasmussen, La Posada Client Coordinator.

On July 2, 2016, almost five months after she was first welcomed to our shelter, Birhan received the wonderful gift of a beautiful baby girl, Naomi. Weighing six pounds, and measuring nineteen inches, Birhan delivered a healthy and happy baby.

La Posada couldn’t be happier for Birhan and her husband. Naomi is Birhan’s first-born child and the first baby born in our new fiscal year. Helping mothers and families is a priority at La Posada and we take pride in knowing that our expecting mothers receive the proper medical care and emotional support they need.

“It has been very good here at La Posada, we are taken care of,” says Birhan.

While Birhan awaits the pending decision of their asylum case, she will continue to stay at La Posada and receive all the help she needs to care for her new baby.