Eagle Scout Project for La Posada

Eagle Scout Project for La Posada

The following article was written by Scoutmaster, SgtMajor Jim Poe and used with his permission.

Saturday, Jan 26th – Life Scout and MMA Cadet Nick Bailey’s Eagle Scout project donation was sold TWICE at auction in support of La Posada Providencia ‘s Hands & Hearts fundraiser. The extensive outdoor patio furniture collection manufactured by Team Bailey was absolutely beautiful, and was, without argument, the star of the show! It garnered nearly $3,000 for the charity, far out-pacing any other auction items.

The boys began with transporting the items from storage. This included dust-off, loading, delivery, and set-up at the nearby Texas State Technical College Cultural Arts Center. That accomplished, the team assisted with some other displays, and then were rewarded with a trip to “The Pizzeria” of Harlingen. The meal was augmented with a large platter of thick and chewy cheesy-bread. A few of these daring young fellows decided to tackle the challenge of consuming what seemed to be a football-sized Meat and Cheese Stromboli. Now, conventional wisdom and popular legend has it that the inner stomach of the teenage boy is said to be near bottomless. However, these lads shattered that myth and actually had to escort their uneaten portion to campus, Styrofoam designer box style. Is this history in the making?

Stromboli Bowl final score:  Stromboli – 3; teenage boys – 0.

Boy Scout volunteer Robert Walter’s day-glow shoes lit the way and ensured the team wouldn’t get lost. Yes, great point, who needs GPS?

Nick’s grandparents,  Mr. and Mrs. Conine, attended the event in support of Team Bailey, MMA, and La Posada. Their total dedication to the success of young Nick Bailey is most admirable. The project would not have attained its level of success without their loyal support.

The impressive birdhouse is a team creation. Mrs. Debra Poe, she of decorator’s vision and having the skilled hands of an artisan, elevated the WOW! factor of the article to what can best be described as “visually stunning …” She focused expert techniques in artfully affixing the many decorative tiles (formerly dinner plates) throughout, making the birdhouse a one-of-a-kind and unique item anyone would be proud to own.  Thank you, Mrs. Poe!

Mr. Steve Gerber of Troop 22 can be seen conversing with Letty Garza, a well-known news anchor for Channel 5 and a local celebrity. She was on hand to emcee the event. Ms. Garza is a staunch supporter of community organizations, to include Boy Scouts. Steve was likely regaling Ms. Garza with stories of his not long ago youth. He kindly reserved her seat at the Scout table, where everyone enjoyed live music, along with a delicious lunch and beverages.

A live auction bid was held on the few big ticket items. The Conines upped the bidding on the furniture and won at $800, much to the disappointment of the second place bidder. They then very slyly but generously donated the furniture BACK to the event! The second place bidder was immediately located, and … YES! WE STILL WANT IT! BADLY! Ms. Violeta Discua, and her husband, paid their bid price ($700.00) and were totally delighted to obtain the furniture for their new home patio. Lots and lots of happiness here as the smile on Ms. Discua’s face clearly equaled or maybe even exceeded that of a large group of six-year-olds on Christmas morning! And, the double-whammy of funds for La Posada mentioned earlier. Of course, the gentlemen Scouts of Troop 22 delivered the items right to the doorstep of the Discua’s that afternoon. No doubt God had His hand on this one!

Along with constructing the furniture, Nick Bailey also raised additional funds above project costs in the amount of $1,125, which he personally donated to La Posada Program Director Sister Zita Telkamp, CDP. Sister Zita was entirely surprised and deeply, deeply grateful for the unexpected gift.

Seems that Nick is in danger of fast becoming a local folk hero. He was also featured twice in the local Valley Morning Star newspaper the week prior to this event, in recognition of his Boy Scout leadership, and unselfish acts of devoted community service.

The project took 200 people hours to completion. It is certainly one for the ages, and belongs in the Valhalla of Boy Scouts. For the few of you unfamiliar with Norse Mythology, a modern equivalent would be the Boy Scout Hall of Fame! And Nick Bailey, of course, would sit among those at the top tier of the Boy Scout Pantheon of Heroes!  WAY to go Team Bailey!

Troop 22 actively seeks donations or other assistance to maintain a quality program. Please contact the Scoutmaster, SgtMajor Jim Poe, at 956-423-6006 x270 if you have questions about the Boy Scout program or seek to lend your support.

This article appears on the MMA Facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/MarineMilitaryAcademy and we were given permission to use for today’s Tuesdays in Texas. More photos of Nick Bailey’s project are available on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lppshelter. We are grateful to Troop 22, SgtMajor Jim Poe and the extraordinary Nick Bailey.