Dreams of Coming to the U.S.

Dreams of Coming to the U.S.

My name is Kuku Admasu and I am a former client at La Posada Providencia. I was born in Addis Abba, Ethiopia and I have two sons, Gabriel and Amen.

I left Ethiopia in June 2015 and left behind my husband and my parents. I sold our house, car and everything else we owned to raise the money for the trip. My reason for leaving Ethiopia was to escape political persecution. My husband was in jail for participating in a local protest and I was threatened to be put in jail too.

My journey from Ethiopia to Texas took 25 days. When I arrived at La Posada, the sisters were very nice to me and helped me with everything. I arrived with nothing and I was pregnant with my second son. They helped buy everything I needed for him. Also, they helped enroll my other son, Gabriel, in school.

La Posada did not just help me with giving us shelter, food, and everything that we needed, but they also helped us emotionally. When I was in the hospital giving birth to my son, Amen, Sr. Zita stayed with me and held my hand because she knew I had no one else. The sisters care for all of us at La Posada. They never complain that they are tired and they keep going every day to help us.

I learned a lot of things while I was at La Posada. The sisters taught me to always help others. I would see volunteers come to La Posada to help and that taught me that I could help others even if I didn’t have money to give. They taught me to respect everyone no matter their background. The sisters saw everyone the same, nobody was different. They respected everyone at La Posada. They also taught me that sharing everything is a good thing, no matter what I have, no matter how small sharing with others is good.

I have no idea where my two sons and I would be if it weren’t for La Posada. I had dreams of coming to the United States but I didn’t know what I was going to do once I got here. Everybody that is coming to the United States dreams about good things, and I thank God because of La Posada I didn’t have to suffer when I finally reached my destination.

Thank you,
Kuku Admasu