Discrimination Without Boundaries

Discrimination Without Boundaries

La Posada Providencia does not take the word or meaning of shelter lightly.  It not only means that we provide basic needs for our clients but also that we provide a safe refuge, a place of acceptance and compassion.  Our ministry is committed to welcoming and respecting each person who crosses our threshold, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, national origin,
or religion.

One of the families we sheltered fled their home in Mexico because of persecution based on the sexual orientation of the mother.  Unfortunately, her family did not accept her. Without the support of those who mattered most, she turned to friends for her survival. Soon, however, she became homeless and landed on the streets.

Out of desperation and in the hopes of achieving stability and avoiding further discrimination, our client entered into a heterosexual relationship from which her first child was born.  The relationship did not survive. Turning again to friends for help and support she found pain.  One of her friends sexually assaulted her and a second child entered the world.  The offending male and our client’s family attempted to block any new relationship from occurring.

After suffering beatings and continued harassment from both family and friends, the client, who since established a loving relationship with a partner of the same sex, later decided to move to a new location. The move offered little reprieve as they soon were targeted and violently attacked.  They were beaten and held at gunpoint in front of the children.  Fortunately, in that instance, someone stepped in and helped save them. Had this not occurred, it is unlikely they would have all survived.

After that incident, they had no doubt that the safety of their family would always be in jeopardy. They knew they had to flee much farther to find safety.  After enduring a long treacherous journey, they reached the United States in hopes of beginning a new and safe life. That “new beginning” started with La Posada. Sadly, kindness was not a virtue with which she was familiar. While at La Posada, the client expressed appreciation and wonder over the compassion she received. Before moving to her resettlement location, staff assisted her with trying to reunite her with her partner who was still in a detention center.

We wish her and her family well. At La Posada, we believe that all of humankind are God’s children and, as such, merit respect. If suffering and persecuted, we offer compassion, shelter and safety. If hungry, we feed; if naked, we clothe. We do this for all the strangers we welcome.