Determination and Work Ethics

Determination and Work Ethics

The determination and work ethic of the people who come to La Posada Providencia serve as constant inspiration to the staff members who get to know them.

Rolf, 19, was born in Germany to a German father and Cuban mother, but his family eventually returned to Cuba. When Rolf finished high school, he came to the United States to create opportunities for himself.

“Cuba is a place where you starve,” Rolf said. “I want to do more than merely survive. The United States is the place where dreams are fulfilled.”

Rolf recognizes that fulfilling his dreams is going to take time and hard work, and he is committed to doing what it takes. He is enrolled in a GED class, which meets three nights a week. He spends several hours each day studying.

“Rolf has a great desire to get an education,” said Program Director Sister Zita Telkamp, CDP. “He is a real gentleman, very polite. And he is always willing to work.”