Community Connection with Meals

Community Connection with Meals

Client Mentor Sister Thérèse Cunningham, SHSp, enjoying dinner with clients. There is no social distancing as three Sisters live onsite as a family with clients under “Shelter in Place.” Clients arriving at La Posada during the COVID-19 restrictions have passed a 14-day quarantine.

 A Great Connection

Meal Connection is a new initiative where the Junior League of Harlingen pays a local restaurant to cater a meal for a non-profit in their local community.  It is their hope that by providing this service, it can take some pressure off the hard-working staff of their  nonprofit partners, to give them a break from cooking one meal, a task that’s become especially hard now that Cameron County is under a Shelter in Place order.

As part of this initiative, they are using locally owned restaurants (or franchisees). The restaurants chosen are huge contributors to the philanthropic community. By patronizing them in this manner, the Junior League hopes also to help them as they endure this challenging time for their businesses.

On April 19, Classic’s Bar & Grill, in Harlingen, catered and delivered La Posada’s evening dinner. It was delicious and perfect for our outdoor picnic.  The adults enjoyed a hearty hamburger with fries and our children delighted over chicken fingers and fries.

Thank you Junior League of Harlingen’s Meal Connection, Classic’s Bar & Grill located at 712 N 77 Sunshine Strip, its employees and manager Brian Heiskill for the delicious, picnic-style dinner.  We are incredibly grateful.