Christmas Around the World

La Posada Celebrates

Christmas Around the World 2022

Each year at Christmas, La Posada Providencia celebrates Christmas Around the World when we come and honor the guests who travel from many countries to find refuge here. The Christmas hymn, O Little Town of Bethlehem, has this line: 

“The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight,” 

referring to when Mary and Joseph found refuge in a stable in Bethlehem, where God turned toward humanity, and the divine became incarnate. Here their hopes and fears met in the place where salvation was born. La Posada Providencia is like Bethlehem: A place where the hopes and fears of all the years are met for women, men, children, and families seeking refuge and respite from hunger, homelessness, danger, and fear. They are all welcomed here with a promise of a new beginning, a salvation that transforms their fear into hope. 

Christmas Around the World celebration this year is inspiring for our guests. La Posada’s welcoming presence will further be extended with the addition of new facilities: a multiservice building and dorms for men, women, and families are now under construction. These new facilities are, in part, the result of your sustained giving to the mission and ministry of La Posada, a project started in1989 – dedicated to “welcoming the stranger” – by the Sisters of Divine Providence and sustained over the years by the incredible dedication of Sisters Hillary, Margaret, Teresa, and Zita. The construction of these facilities is like building a new Bethlehem, emphasizing the meaning of La Posada: A place where hope overcomes fear, where the stranger, the refugee, is welcomed. 

You have previously helped La Posada Providencia make God’s Providence visible to our guests. Sharing in God’s Providence, your generosity has sustained this ministry for people in crisis from around the world seeking legal refuge in this country. Your support has enabled La Posada staff to provide a safe and welcoming home and mentors to promote self-sufficiency and cultural integration, so we invite you to celebrate with us again this year: Christmas Around the World.


How can you help?

To continue supporting our ministry of welcoming the stranger and making a difference, please consider donating. Your generosity will help make a difference to the vulnerable community we serve and ensure that support is available to anyone who needs it this festive season.