Caring for All Creation

Caring for All Creation

At La Posada Providencia, we commit ourselves to care for the earth and all creation, for we believe that all is a gift from a loving and Provident God. Of course, our commitment to all creation includes our furry friends that are our pets.  They add so much to our living environment to complete our family home. Over the years, La Posada has sheltered a few animals that appeared to have no home and found their way to us and became shelter pets.

It is with great sadness we write that one of our beloved pets, Midnight, has passed away. Midnight arrived at La Posada about three years ago. She was a happy, friendly dog that made our shelter feel like a home. When visitors arrived, Midnight stole the heart of many with her gentle presence. She was welcoming and playful with everyone at the shelter. La Posada’s previous Church World Service Border Associate, Keera Wilmoth, said, “you would often catch her playing with Brownie, another shelter pet, running through the fields.” Many of our long-term guests appreciated Midnight’s companionship and love.

Together, as a family, we cared for Midnight and the other shelter pets. Our long-term guests, along with staff, facilitated daily care such as feeding and grooming.

La Posada volunteers, Marlene McClain, and Kathy Sheldon aided us by covering medical appointments and expenses for Midnight. Without their support and the support of other generous pet-minded supporters over the years, we could not afford to keep our furry shelter pets.  Thanks to them all!

Midnight will be missed. We ask everyone to give their pets an extra show of affection tonight in honor of Midnight.

Keera Wilmoth, Brownie and Midnight.

Left: Volunteer, Kathy Sheldon, Faith Pienta and La Posada guest, Kumar, planning Midnight's medication administration.

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