Baby Boom

Baby Boom

Though it is not unusual to see an expectant mother at La Posada Providencia, it is unusual to see three of them at once!

On Sept. 12, La Posada had three clients who were seven, eight and nine months pregnant, respectively; they are originally from Honduras, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe.

The client from Zimbabwe will welcome a boy in mid-September while the client from the Congo will welcome a girl in October. The client from Honduras will welcome a surprise
in November.

Two of these children are expected to be born in Texas while the third is expected to be born in Indiana. No matter the state, these babies will be very fortunate to be born in the United States, one of the greatest nations for freedom and opportunity.

La Posada wishes health and happiness for Baby Emmanuel, Baby Afia
and Baby Surprise!

School is Cool

Friday, Sept. 14 was the first day of school for three young clients at La Posada Providencia. In the morning, the five-year-old and two four-year-olds were dropped off at school by Sister Margaret Mertens. In the afternoon, however, the three children rode the bus back home. To the relief of their parents, they all had a positive experience at school and came home with smiles! On Monday, Sept. 17, the three children woke up a little earlier and took the bus to school.

At La Posada, all clients are required to attend English classes on the weekdays. The children of long-term clients are required to attend public school if they are ages 4 and above. Education is a very important value at La Posada, as it helps immigrants
and their children to assimilate to their new country and live better lives with
greater opportunity.

Sister Act

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