A Visit From ARISE

A Visit From ARISE

Media broadcasts about the Texas / Mexico border crisis with migrants occur daily. Various news outlets offer differing points of view, which can lead to misconceptions about what is happening. In an effort to shine light on the border issues, local organization ARISE brought a group of students from Incarnate Word University, in San Antonio to visit La Posada  Providencia.

The visit is part of a summer program called Border Witness. This program hosts educational tours of the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) to learn about issues such as free trade, political asylum for refugees, and the health and environment along the RGV. They visit refugee shelters, detention centers, colonias, and other organizations along the border. Through direct and personal contact, delegations learn the stories of the people and communities facing poverty, oppression and the challenges of living with life threatening situations. The visiting students met some of our clients and were able to hear their incredible stories of suffering and courage.

Visiting students from Incarnate Word University are Ramona Casas, Marilue Landeros, Yesenia
Calora, Cindy Estrella, Laura Guerra, Clarissa Garza, Steffyn Nowak, Jacob Rodriguez, Brianna Machado, Isaac Cole, Madison Tulaba, Yvette Machado and Selena Casanova


La Posada Welcomes
Another Volunteer Group with ProBAR

La Posada recently hosted a group of ProBAR volunteers originating from various states across the country.  Members of this group are part of the American Bar Association and are affiliated with the Commission on Immigration.

Thank all of you for your work to help those in need and your willingness to extend that help in the Rio Grande Valley

ProBAR attorneys pictured are: Bob Tumlinson, Montserrat Caneino, Maika Padilla, Laura Pena, Alexis Ramirez, Robin Ragan, Terry Brooks, Jessica Vittorio, Shelly Mittrick and Zak Adam


Farewell to Volunteer Marlene McClain
Second Try Does the Trick!

This past April we bid farewell to our long-time seasonal volunteer and CDP Associate, Marlene McClain, planning to see her again in the fall. Well, best laid plans – Marlene’s motor home had other ideas. This year, Marlene extended her stay – fortunately for us! We wish you safe travels.