A Special Reunion

A Special Reunion

In his native Guatemala, Alejandro was training to become a police officer, specializing in drug enforcement, when he uncovered corrupt acts by members of the government.

Fearing his life was in danger, he fled the country and came to the United States. He spent more than a year at La Posada Providencia while his case was heard by the immigration courts.

More than three years later, the La Posada family was blessed to witness the reunion of Alejandro, with his wife, Seidy, and daughter Beverly. The family had been separated since before Beverly was born, while they waited for their petition for Seidy and Beverly to join Alejandro.

Alejandro says “The staff at La Posada made sure I got things right with immigration…Without their help I would be without my family still.”

Alejandro has been granted his asylum and is now working as a truck driver in California. He and Seidy have purchased a home and have joyfully welcomed their second child. “I’m very happy now in America,” Alejandro says. “I have a better life.”